We all have our favorite links. Here are a few of mine. There are so many great workshop instructors out there; I couldn’t possibly list them all. Instead, I’ve included those which have been even more helpful to me or my students than usual, as well as some sites I particularly enjoy.


Stephen Quiller

SteveQ3One of my absolute, all-time favorite painters & people, Stephen paints like he breathes. He’s the teacher I've returned to again and again through the years.

"Winter Aspen and Golden Sky"
By Stephen Quiller
Transparent Watercolor & Casein



Mike Bailey

EdgesOne of the best workshop instructors for teaching you how to go that one step further. If he can’t break you out of your box, no one can.

By Mike Bailey



Lian Quan Zhen

WaterLilyInternationally known & a very active workshop instructor, Lian (pronounced Lan as in “land”) is a powerhouse of a teacher.

"Water Lily"
By Lian Quan Zhen
Transparent Watercolor & Casein


Sierra Watercolor Society

This is Reno’s local -- and very active -- watercolor society. It’s a great group of people.


Renown Hospital Art

Hospitals have amazing art collections. Click here to browse through this Reno, NV, hospital’s extensive collection curated by Reno’s Stremmel Gallery.

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