It all started with a Facebook self-challenge: An Apple a Day. I wanted to paint in a series to explore composition while developing an in-the-studio-daily habit, and apples seemed like a good shape: fairly uniform, simple, with individual little details to play with. Little did I know that I would fall in love. Apples are a part of my weekly routine, now, and anything goes.

Anything goes when it comes to paper, too, Saunders Waterford or Arches or Fabriano, hot- or cold-press or rough--whatever scraps I have in the drawer for the small paintings, and a combination of brushes, flats and rounds, Richeson 7000s again. The M. Graham and Maimeri Blu cadmiums are my workhorses for the shine and glow of apple skin, the richness of light against shadows. My blacks are sometimes mixed, but more often acrylic or India ink; they are darker than watercolor blacks and add their own qualities to these experimental pieces. For the watercolor, I use my Quiller palette; I can find my triads by sight in an instant, and their complements as well. And that leaves me free to just imagine and paint.

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