For me, being an artist is all about change, exploration and growth. At first it was learning new techniques, trying new paints and surfaces, discovering new brushes and the like. Eventually, though, one mines out that seam of ore -- rich though it was -- and must look elsewhere for new things to explore. More and more I find bits of myself in the things I am called to paint, bits I either wasn’t aware of or that had gotten lost in the passage of time. Colors - the choices I make, the way I lay them down - are metaphors just like the subjects and shapes. I find them by working in series and by using automatic writing (read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron) to explore each piece. Shells, for instance, echo the mathematical structure upon which time hangs. Through them, I explore time, space, and creation. I feel like the blind man running his hand over the face of God, trying to understand what it is that I “see”.

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